Gastronomy in the Basque Country is an art and the good work of its chefs has long been recognized internationally. Much of that good work is based on the use of excellent raw materials, where the land and the Biscay coast are exceptionally generous. The Cantabrian Sea supplies the tables of excellent fish, an important base of the best known recipes, and in their corresponding seasons, the products of the land, many with Basque Quality Label, are expected by all fans of good cuisine. Many of these products have Designation of Origin: Gernika peppers and beans, or the delicious Txakoli, traditional young Basque wine, whose greatest exponent is the municipality of Bakio.

Canned seasonal fish are also typical (especially the sardines of Santurtzi, the fish and shellfish of Zierbena and the anchovies and bonito of Lekeitio and Bermeo), not in vain are the most important ports of lowness and height of the entire Cantabrian .
Bunch of grapes

MARMITAKO . This dish has its origin in Basque fishing boats. Its name comes from the word marmita which is the container where the marmitako was prepared on board the boats. Being a classic recipe, there are quite a few variants. The important thing is that the stew is more spicy and strong than bland and that the beautiful always be juicy.

ZURRUKUTUNA . Ancestral garlic soup, illustrated with cod, which represents better than any other the popular farmhouse cuisine and, in particular, Euskaldunes spoon dishes. Tasty and humble, simple and great at the same time, in its rustic beginnings, it was made with milk.